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pied piper by kalascee pied piper by kalascee
the pied piper blew thru her pipe creating a note most pure . slowly she piped a beautiful and mournfull tune the adults of the town apon hering this melody closed their eyes and swayed in time .
within in minuites all who could hear her were in a trance . in this trance they did her bidding collecting their most treasured and precious belongings .
she led the poor people away thru the forrest and into the mountain . all the way to a small cave . standing at the door she waived them thru quietly counting on her fingures as they entered .as the last man entered the piper cast her gaze down the path making shure none remained to enter the cave . satisfied they were all inside she stopped piping and waited .

the piper did not wait long for within ten minuites a hideously deformed being slunk into the light of day .
" Ahhh , you have done well at this place my pet . these bodies will be most usefull .
yess adultss sserve uss much better than whining children , and thesse appear most sskilled .
yesss well done indeed " the being hissed and spat .
nodding in happiness , the being handed the piper a small bag of coins . then promplty retreeted into the gloom of the cave .

hoisting the bag of gold she smiled to her self this piper had done verry well indeed . placing her pipe to her lips she started off back down the track playing a merry little jaunt .

in a small town in the european hinterlands a small town full of only children slowly made its presence known to the outside world .
over the years that followed strange young adults were seen to travel along the roads leading from the town . these youth found places in the greater world to their callings and went on to make quite a name for themselves .
but no adult party that entered its environs ever was seen again no matter how prepared or armoured , the vatican even sent a flock of priests to clense the town and remove the evil presence that they believed to plague the town .

in the three hunderd years since the piper walked its streets the children folk of this town have kept a bargain and they dont intend to break their word anytime soon .

on fine summerdays when the locasts are chirping a haunting melody both sad and beautiful can be heard echoing thru the mountains a tune that no adult should ever strain to hear ....

ok this version is mine its a lead up story for my twisted innocence pics
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