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unwanted burden by kalascee unwanted burden by kalascee
the summer heat backed the fields .
the crops wilting in their rows .
crows circled lazily over the small thatched hut .
hours passed and the shadows lenghened.
a small woman barely out of kittenhood crouched in the shadows at the rear of the hut . her breath coming in short sobs , she stared at the still form lying across the doorway. she watched without registering the flys or the raucous crys of the crows as they fought over the body .

in her eyes she was only seeing the harsh glint of steel and only hearing the horrendous ripping sound that was followed by a almost inaudible gasp . the events that played thru her head were as clear and bright as they had been that morning .

the acrid smell of smoke brought her out of her reverie .fire threatened . slowly numbly she got up still hardly able to take her eyes of the corpse , she wandered aimlessly thru the hut .so little how could her life have so little she had no idea what to do . eventually she stoped her aimless wondering of the hut and noticed her own state , things had happened so fast and with so little warning she was still undressed from the night before .
leaning down to pick up her dress from where it had fallen she stopped . the garment so fragile and delicate it held no place in her world it belonged to the one she had lost in the dawn light . she glanced around the room actually taking it in fully for the first time that day . their was nothing besides that dress that was hers it was all .. his all his . she stared at the corpse taking in the damage done by the blade and crows noticing the smell . if he was no longer than what was she . a woman could not be alone in this place , her family so far away would never take her back . she allowed her attention to wonder to the fields beyond the door . and made up her mind .

slowley at first still in shock at her decision she started to pick up his clothes pulling on and belting up what she thought was use full , the pants although wrong felt right natural . reaching under his bed she felt around for the sword he had shown her the first night as threat and security .

with tears still falling from her eyes she now dressed as a male stepped over the corpse of him she still had no clue where she would go or how she would survive all she had was an instinct that this was right she was free to choose her own destiny the deepest recess of her mind she quietly thanked the murderous raiders who had visited that morning .

iv been asked how she survived . when he herd the raiders he shoved out of the bed onto the floor where she hid and saw everything
they nicked everything of value cept the sword

ok i have found that tv is boring so instead i started drawing and creating a little narritive ......
if any one wants me to continue or flesh it out just ask .

if any ones interested this charactor is avaliable . never done an adoptable befor n such

shes a pale white with grey markings n crystal blue eyes . hair is grey .. im thinkng of making a charactor sheet for her
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June 27, 2012
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